1. Inner Child

From the recording Inner Child


Time for me to heal
you, my friend
didn’t know you needed me so bad

Time for me to hold
hold your hand
scared just to walk across the street
isn’t it neat how…

You hurt like I do
I grow more than you.
you're sweet as can be
but I can’t ever change you

Unless I hurt like you did
I wish I knew that kid
whose dreams stretched so long
and imagination so big

You went through it all
I left you behind
maturities calling
and I left you to hide

How were you supposed to heal
broken and alone
I hope I get the chance to save
your childish voice in my dome

I raised my voice too many times
dimmed the light in your eyes
felt no one listened to you
younger days, we...

Time for me to grow
and understand
I’m not going anywhere
oh I swear